Titusville Crime News

I don't want to just "report on crime", I want to use the 'Titusville Crime' platform to help get rid of, or at least help decrease, what I post.


By having a platform that people can discuss what our town is truly having problems with, maybe this platform can help decide actionable plans to help in the decrease of crime in our area.


I know that whole idea sounds a little far-fetched, but it's my idea that I want to see for my city, and having heard most of the calls for however long I've been doing this now, it's the best idea I have for myself in doing my part to help Titusville be awesome


In starting small, I started a text service that anyone can sign-up, for free, to receive either Major Incidents and/or a daily reminder text with tips that you can do to help prevent crime in our community. By posting calls from First Responders, i want to bring to light the types of calls they actually respond to.


Daily Crime Prevention Reminders:



Major Incident Instant Texts:


While I’ll most likely spend more of my own money in that pursuit, having people support me with $5 for coffee for those loooong nights, or supporting me monthly, will help me in my goal of upgrading this platform into something actually good, by helping the community in where problems already exist, and help support those every bit of support means the world to me.

One-Time Tip Jar:



Monthly Support:


Coming Sooon........