Launch Day Deals Sponsorship

We are looking for sponsors to be on our webpage that will be promoted via a postcard that will be handed out to launch viewers throughout Launch Day.

I plan on getting hundreds of the postcards below printed, as well as some items from Boeing to pass out all along US1 as a sort of memento for Launch Viewers to keep.

If your business would be interested in being a sponsor for this event, please click the "Become a Sponsor" button below.

I'm having these postcards printed locally, and will have them in hand by July 28th

Cost is $12

For the coupon, please have an expiration date. Patrons will be advised to show your coupon at checkout. 

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email by clicking

give me a call/text by clicking 321-301-5264

postcard front Postcard Front.jpg

postcard back Postcard Back.jpg