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Special City Council Meeting Sep. 9, for Public Comment on Raising millage, water/sewer Rates

The purpose of this meeting is as follows:

1. City's Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2021 - Conduct the first public hearing on the City's Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2021; read the related Ordinances to adopt Tentative Operating and Voted Debt Service millage rate; read the Resolution adopting the schedule of fees for water and sewer; conduct the first reading of Ordinances proposing the Fiscal Year 2021 Solid Waste rates; and adopt Tentative Operating, Enterprise and Capital Budgets.

Ordinance No. 12-2020 providing for the millage for the operation of the City of Titusville, and Voted Debt Service levy for Fiscal Year 2021;

Ordinance No. 13-2020 adopting the General and Related Budgets of the City of Titusville for the Fiscal Year 2021;

Resolution No. 28-2020 amending the schedule of fees for Water and sewer service by increasing the charges and rates;

Ordinance No. 14-2020 amending Sections 16-116 and 16-117 of the Code of Ordinances by increasing the Solid Waste service charges and rates;

Ordinance No. 15-2020 adopting the Enterprise Funds and Capital Improvements Programs of the City of Titusville for the Fiscal Year 2021.

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