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Share your input: Attend a public workshop on blue crab traps and diamondback terrapins

The FWC needs your input on the future management of the recreational and commercial blue crab trap fishery

Diamondback terrapins are medium-sized turtles that live in similar brackish water habitat as blue crabs, including salt marshes, barrier islands, mangrove swamps, tidal creeks and rivers.  Because of overlapping habitat, there is the potential for terrapins to be accidentally caught in blue crab traps.

The FWC is hosting two virtual public workshops regarding accidental capture of diamondback terrapins in blue crab traps, and the utility of bycatch reduction devices to minimize harm to terrapins. Share your input by attending one of these workshops.

Workshops will begin at 6 p.m. EDT:

Web browsers that support virtual meeting include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer

Please click only on the link for the day you plan to attend. The links to the meetings are different depending on which meeting you plan to attend.

  • Sept. 30: Statewide webinar, Click here to connect to Sept. 30 meeting

  • Oct. 1: Statewide webinar, Click here to connect to Oct. 1 meeting

You can also submit your comments online at

Learn more at by clicking on “Rulemaking: Submit a Comment/Attend a Workshop” and “Upcoming Public Workshops.”

Learn more about Diamondback Terrapins by visiting and typing “terrapin” into the search bar.

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