Mars2020 GiveAway


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There will be a total of FOUR winners picked for this GiveAway


Winners will be picked on September 7th, 2020

Each photo below shows a "winning package".

Each Entry Allows entry for each of the "winning packages"


Any details / updates will be updated on this page

only U.S. residents may enter

if you've already entered, you're entered for all items below

3rd GiveAway Package

GiveAway Items:


Perseverance Rover ruler

middle left:

Launch cards w/info on back


Mars2020 JPL pin

middle right:

hard-plastic ID card holder w/plastic holder on back

bottom middle:

NASA's LSP sticker w/info on back

2nd GiveAway Package

GiveAway Items:


NASA "worm" logo sticker

bottom left:

Mars Rover Perseverance sticker w/info on back

bottom right:

NASA's LSP sticker w/info on back

1st GiveAway Package

GiveAway Items:

top left:

Mars 2020/AltasV sticker

top right:

unknown size Mars2020 beach ball

bottom half:

Mars2020 Mission Info cards

GiveAway Entry