Titusville teacher says teenage son is in hospital two months after getting COVID-19

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A Brevard County teacher spoke to WESH 2 News after her teenage son landed in hospital two months after getting the coronavirus.


Sarah Wray, who lives in Titusville and teaches for Brevard Public Schools, says her 15-year-old son is in the hospital, long after he caught the coronavirus while at school.

Titusville teacher says teenage son is in hospital two months after getting COVID-19

"He didn't have anything at all wrong with him before this," Wray said. "He had bluish lips. He was pale, disorientated and he wasn't feeling well, a little dizzy I believe. After that, he lost his taste and smell and that was it, mild cough."


After that, he seemingly recovered and Wray thought everything was okay.

“On Wednesday morning, he suddenly woke up with a very sharp pain in his side," Wray said.


After speaking to doctors, that pain was listed as a collapsed lung.


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"They also found, they call them cysts at first and now they're kind of referring to them as blips in his lung and scarring as well and they think that it did result from the COVID," she said. While doctors look into other possibilities, Wray posted about her son's days-long hospital stay on Facebook. The post has been shared more than a thousand times.


"Obviously even if you're perfectly healthy, this is something that can still affect you. I don't blame the school district at all. I do blame Gov. DeSantis because he kind of put them in a position where they were very limited on what they could do with his executive order,” Wray added.


Wray is not entirely sure what long term affects her son could deal with because of the virus. She is hoping they will be able to leave the hospital on Tuesday.


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Titusville teacher says teenage son is in hospital two months after getting COVID-19

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