New Brevard Sheriff Video Series Highlights "The Good Stuff" of Deputies

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In response to negative media from major newspaper outlets, Sheriff Wayne Ivey posted a video to Facebook saying, "while gloom and doom apparently sells newspapers, there's good stuff happening all around us. So our agency decided to start sharing all the great stuff our team does", introducing a new series called "The Good Stuff"

New Brevard Sheriff Video Series Highlights "The Good Stuff" of Deputies

In the first episode of "The Good Stuff", Sheriff Ivey highlights Deputy Robert 'Bobby' Johnson


Deputy Johnson was on his way to dinner after finishing his shift when he noticed a vehicle driving southbound in the northbound lane and learned that a 90-yr-old woman, Eleanor from St. Augustine became confused while traveling to visit her late husband at a local cemetery.


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Deputy Johnson worked to find a family member, who was located out of state, and gave Deputy Johnson Eleanor's address in St. Augustine. After only eating a piece of toast all day, Deputy Johnson treated Eleanor to Victorio's in Mims before driving her and her car back to St. Augustine, with the help of his friends Jim North and Austin Horvath. Watch the full video here: "">



Editor's Note - Opinion

This is the kind of awesome story that rarely gets shared on mainstream media. I applaud Sheriff Wayne Iver for keeping these kind of men on our BCSO and providing an amazing bervice Beyond the Badge.



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