100,000 gallons of Wastewater Leaks into SandPoint Park Pond, Still Actively Leaking

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After local resident William Klein discovered 100's of dead fish floating in a pond at Sand Point Park on Wednesday, City, & County officials stated that they were working together to find out the cause of the fish kill

100,000 gallons of Wastewater Leaks into SandPoint Park Pond, Still Actively Leaking

After a message to the City of Titusville about the fish kill and the smell of sewage, City Officials stated that "all of our instrumentation pressure readings at our treatment plant indicate that there is not a force main break" on the lin that runs north-to-south on the park's western border


City officials stated Friday afternoon that had there been a force main break, "our treatment plant instrumentations readings would indicate a loss of pressure". They stated they would work to uncover the sewer force main pipe to see if there was a fracture or small crack, since the smell of sewage was persistent


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As of Saturday afternoon, City crews have dug up the line and possibly replaced it. The smell of sewage still permeated the air directly around the pond, while the annual Snow Days took place a few feet away from the pond


An incident report stated that, "following dewatering and exploratory excavation, a sanitary sewer leak of domestic wastewater was discovered coming from a force main running from South to North on the East side of US1."


City officials stated that "investigation also revealed the pipe, at the location of the leak, is covered by a 2 foot by 6 foot concrete slab running the length of the pipe."


The incident report stated that the concrete slab prohibited the repair of the pipe at the time and an "estimated 100,000 gallons of wastewater was discharged into the pond and is currently an ongoing leak."


The city said that they have blocked the discharge from the main pond to contain the spill within the stormwater pond.


The City said they will complete the repair once they obtain additional materials needed.


City Council Meeting - February 9th, 2020


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