Winter Wonderland Fun Horse Show

Come on out and have some fun! Specators are Free! Bring the whole family!

Registration & Exhibition opens at 4:00
Show starts at 6:00 pm

We will have lots of white & blue lights decorated. A few arena lights will be on so we can still be able to see the riders but yet dark enough where we can still enjoy the pretty lights.

The Parade..This time there will be 1st - 6th place winners!! Winners will win Trophy picture frame and Cash!! Dress up your horse And yourself , the more wintery and work you put into it the better chance you will win!

Bring the kids & ponies ! ALL Leadline kids who enters a class will get a ribbon and a bucket full of goodies!! The pattern for the leadline barrel & polebending class will be smaller.

Great food consession! Grilled Burgers, Hotdogs, Chili, fries, candy, popcorn and more!

There will be music, raffle tables and venues! if you would like to do a venue, Private message to our Facebook page.

No alcohal allowed on clubgrounds.