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Since starting The Talk of Titusville, we’ve grown SO MUCH♥♥  Thanks to all of our followers, it has given us the incredible opportunity to view launches from amazing places, speak with industry leaders, expand our knowledge in spaceflight, and meet incredible individuals just as passionate about space exploration as us.

It’s our hope that our team members will share the same passion for the Space Industry. They will have these same opportunities while covering spaceflight here on the SpaceCoast through the Talk of Titusville.

Help us spread the excitement and wonder of spaceflight by creating content that captures

If you’re a creative individual with a passion for spaceflight and exploration, join the crew!



All content you create is entirely yours to sell, display, and use as you please.

You are free to advertise your work (including social media, websites, etc) on Talk of Titusville pages to gain as much exposure as possible while helping to provide quality content for our community.



We‘re a TEAM. There aren’t any mandatory meetings, quotas, contracts, or timelines holding you back. You are free to take your time exploring creative routes and may post as much or as little as you’d like. Our goal is to facilitate a creative and educational environment so that our team can focus on what matters: getting people excited about space.​






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I want the Talk of Titusville to be one place for everything going on in Titusville, a daunting task for one person, which is how it is right now. That's why I want to find a couple of' residents that are passionate about one area, like, Events, City Government, Local Environment, Space, Sports, etc.


These team members would