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6month service = $75

12month service = $110
This monthly sponsorship tier includes:

  • events/promotions shared on our FB page/groups

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$50/month Social Sponsorship
This monthly sponsorship tier includes:

  • up to 4 weekly posts on our Facebook page and groups

  • events/promotions shared on our FB page/groups

  • video creation or live video

$500/month Sponsorship
(2 available)
This sponsorship tier will include:

  • includes everything offered in the $50/month sponsorship

  • 'paid partnership' posts on all of our social posts related to anything dealing with Space, which will also be promoted throughout online & offline sources.​


Our "offline" promotions will be for our Launch Outreach Program which will be a small tent set up at local, public viewing locations that will provide free launch info, educational material & souvenirs, and other items available for launch visitors as well. I encourage you to have exclusive-to-tToT discounts available for every event for launch visitors to use.

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With ALL sponsorship options, your business will be promoted on our social platform with either a video made by The Talk of Titusville or content sourced from your business' social platform

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